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Who Is Brown'Sugar?

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Da'Shawn is a young aspiring Music Producer and Entrepreneur on her journey to inspire the world through her music. She was born and raised in NE, Washington D.C- Brookland area. Growing up as an only-child, Da'Shawn was fond to independence which guided her into always finding new adventures to chase and explore on her own. She grew up surrounded by music as her grandad was a DJ in the city, her grandmother's sung in the choir at church, and her dad was a local rapper. He would always take her to the studio with him when she was 3. Loving sports so much, she never imagined that music would one day be her gift to the world. 

She created "Brown'Sugar Productions" the brand in 2013. The name came from her late Great-Aunt Gladys. She gave her that name when she was a baby. Brown'Sugar one day reacted to her aunt calling her that and decided to use that as her stage name. Her grandma Gwen bought her first keyboard when she was 6. She started teaching herself how to play the piano and making beats at the age of 13. Her dad then bought her first equipment, a Maschine beat pad and a Korg M3 keyboard. Still till this day, she has over 400 beats stored on her keyboard.


Brown'Sugar furthered her education in music by attending the great HBCU Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, N.C. She received her bachelors degree in 2018 in Music, with a concentration in Music Business and Technology. Brown'Sugar is continuing to grow her business as she collabs wth varies artists in the dmv area and networks for brand awareness.

Photo By: Lean's Vision

"A young star in the making"

- NFTE Newsletter; Young Entrepreneurs Monthly Article

What's Brown'Sugar Prod.All about?

Brown'Sugar Productions is a music production company that works to empower, encourage, and inspire all beings through music encouraging all to be "Bold In Your Brown Skin". It is an entity that primarily emboldens all women in entrepreneurship through music, fashion, community & health and fitness. We encourage Women of all colors to be bold and strive in male dominated working industries. B’SP creates music for the soul. She as the producers job is to give the listeners an experience of emotion they'll never want to forget. A deep connection through music that can inspire from the oldest to the youngest of age.


B'SP also works to promote a healthy lifestyle through working alongside and with agricultural organizations such as The Green Scheme and FoodPrints, to promote healthy living in the youth. Da'Shawn was inspired in college to began working towards living a healthier lifestyle as her diets were not the best. 


B'SP held their first community event (All Brown Everythang) in 2020 to giveback to the community Da'Shawn grew up in by providing free school supplies for the kids and allowing a platform for up-and-coming Black-Owned businesses to promote and sell their brands. There are no limitations to what B'SP as a brand can and will do for the community and for our people as a whole.


In 2017 Brown'Sugar created her foundational brand "No’Ordinary Enterprises". No'Ordinary is a company that creates all across the boards of entertainment. All underneath of one umbrella,we have No' Ordinary: Records, Apparel, Films, B'SP & the list goes on. No’Ordinary is an entity that promotes uniqueness and quality in any and every field. Keep in touch to see what we'll be launching next. 

"She's Golden!"

-  Rome ;Deputy Officer ;Green Scheme; Corner Water

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